Friday, May 21, 2010

Waikowhai Park

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Waikowhai park is apparently the largest block of native bush left in Auckland City, and for this reason, again we are very fortunate to be allowed some off-leash space in the area. Signs at the entrance to the off-leash area warn of 1080 drops to control possum populations so keep to the paths and keep a close eye on your dog.

This park has a bit of everything, some bush, some beach, some open grass areas. Paths are a bit steeper especially in parts along the coast. The beach is not technically a part of the off-leash area, according to signage, so your dog should be on a leash depending on the time of day/year. Try read through schedules 1 -2 of Auckland City Bylaw 12 (Dog Control, 1999)and see if you don't come away VERY confused.

There are lovely views of the Manukau harbour, Mangere Mountain and Puketutu Island. Not many other people and dogs there. Paths are well kept and there are a number of doable walking routes.

Four stars ****

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